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Does your business need a HR Health Check?

As an independent HR Consultant, I frequently come across companies who have implemented the necessary HR standards within their workspace, but unfortunately have not ensured it remains compliant with UK Employment Law and is still fit for business.

A good way to check you are still ticking all the boxes is to carry out a HR Health Check. It is a bit like visiting your GP for a check up, but instead of blood pressure, cholesterol, weight and general health, this Health Check will cover:

  • Contracts of Employment – have you kept up to date with recent changes?
  • Contractors’ Agreement – are they fit for IR35?
  • Employee Handbook / Policies – have you included the recent amends to Statutory requirements?
  • GDPR – are you compliant?
  • Benefits – are these still fit for purpose?

The above are just some of the areas the HR Health Check will cover.