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Cow Poo and Prioritising

Today started out like any other day, the alarm went off to start another busy working day.

However, on my early morning walk with my dog, she decided that the lure of cow poo was too much to resist and promptly had – in her mind – an amazing roll!  And there I was standing in the middle of a field with a dog covered in cow poo, very conscious that I had a meeting scheduled in 15 minutes time and it was a 10-minute walk home with a very stinky, but proud, dog!

I was faced with a difficult dilemma – either leave my dog stinking to high heaven in the house, or bath her which would take more than the 5 minutes I had.

So, I prioritised!

I called my client, explained what had happened and asked to reschedule the meeting 20 minutes later than planned. After he stopped laughing as he felt this was the best excuse he had ever heard, he happily agreed to my proposal.

I’ve learnt two important lessons today. Firstly, never let your dog off the lead when cows have been in the field and secondly, prioritising and communication go hand in hand!