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I recently listened to an Army advert on my local radio station, and the phrase they used – Fail, Learn, Win really resonated with me.

How often do we hear that it’s okay to fail both within business and our personal lives? Sadly, not often enough. If you fail to hit a target, the usual debate is how and why did this happen, make sure it does not happen again and what did you do wrong?

It would be refreshing if a more positive approach were introduced. Rather than looking at the negative aspects, it is time to consider a different – How can I support you to succeed?

Hopefully, the above statement will start to echo in everyone’s lives. It demonstrates recognition as well as support and surely that’s a better approach for everyone?

To introduce this change, how about looking at the words fail / failure / failed and adopting a more positive approach, for example – support / develop / encourage.

Let’s start today!