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Does your business need to manage difficult redundancy conversions?

Unfortunately, we are seeing more and more redundancies during these unprecedented times. And whilst this has a huge impact on your employees, it can – and will – effect you as an employer, if you get it wrong.

Tribunals have cited an increase in redundancy cases. You may not be aware that if your business has not followed the correct process, a 25% uplift in award may be applicable to your former employee.  Additionally, it can have a significant negative influence on your brand – people talk!

The redundancy process is straight forward and is split into two camps, <20 employees and >20 employees, and whether a selection process is required.

What makes a difference is how the redundancy is conducted. Applying empathy that is not condescending, being supportive and providing time to the individual goes a long way and are of equal importance.

Regrettably, many organisations leave these difficult conversations to managers who are untrained, unsure of the process or generally uninterested in supporting the employee affected.  Can you imagine the impact to the employee’s mental health in these scenarios?

How to avoid the pitfalls

It is a good idea to use an experienced HR consultant, who is versed and able to deliver within this area.  This does not mean just understanding the theory but, having actual experience in conducting and successfully completing redundancies. This makes an enormous difference, and often means your employees will walk away from the meeting with their head held high, plus your brand reputation will remain intact.

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