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Menopause – the unrecognised employer/employee pain!

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The menopause is still a no-go word within today’s society. Sadly, it can – and does – impact women in all aspects of their lives, which in turn affects both personal and business relationships.

Personal Impact 

The most associated symptom of the menopause is hot flushes. These are certainly distressing and uncomfortable, but nothing compared to some of the other symptoms. Concentration and focus disappear overnight, thinning of hair and weight fluctuations are common plus feeling absolutely rubbish and wondering how to carry on.

Women go through many phases leading up to the menopause. This is known as peri-menopause and can impact women for many years. Can you imagine the impact multiple changes has on your body in terms of your general well-being, and the ability to function day-to-day? No, well you are not alone. Employers and employees across the world are affected, but many are too scared to raise the subject. Often employers do not even give it a second thought, they just assume the individual is no longer operating as efficiently as previously.

It is not just work that is affected. Suddenly this kind, caring and loving woman, changes overnight.  Imagine how she feels not understanding why her temper is through the roof in less than one second. Previously she always handled situations of stress and anger with patience and understanding. It is no wonder why so many marriages and relationships fail during these stressful times.

Business Impact

Within the workplace a competent, strong, and focused woman can suddenly become a dithering forgetful wreck, who is prone to sudden outbursts, tears, and tantrums over the most basic issues.  Imagine how she feels – her entire life has turned inside out and appears to be falling apart. Unfortunately, she does not have the energy, or confidence, to try and address the situation. Sadly, many women resign as a result and do not return to the workplace.

Quantifying the negative impact this has on a business is difficult to measure. But assuming it takes at least six months for a vacancy to be filled and of course the time associated with the recruitment process – the cost is significant.

Help is Available

So how can employers help their employees – both directly and indirectly? The starting point is to approach the subject and encourage conversations. Hopefully then the word menopause, its symptoms and impact for women and men will become an open topic.

To find out more on how to start the conversation and next steps, contact Alexandra-HR, to discuss your specific needs.

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